Who Really Needs A Copy Of Your House Key?

In an ideal world no one other than you would need a copy of your house key. Unfortunately this is not an ideal world; this is a world in which you can get locked out of your home unexpectedly. You may have domestic staff that arrive and leave your home when you are not there, or you may have children that leave for school after you leave the house and get back home before you get home in t…

Arm Your Fire Door with a Panic Bar

What Are Panic Bars?
Panic bars are a form of panic hardware, also called emergency egress hardware. Push bars use a bar that, when pushed, opens the lock and permits the door to be opened. Push bars are more popular because they can be opened by anyone, regardless of physical ability or disability. Panic bars can be active or passive. These bars release the door lock, and pushing on the panic…

Minimum Requirements for a Secure Deadbolt Lock

Deadbolt locks can provide a significant security upgrade over commonly used spring latch locks. Deadbolts operate in the manner their name implies. The bolt is ‘dead’, not subject to picking or other tampering with special tools, as are spring latch (also known as slip bolt) locks. The bolt of a deadbolt lock must be manually moved by either a knob or a key, and when locked it effectively…

Should You Change Out The Deadbolts In Your New House?

When you purchase a new home, securing your property is one of the most important tasks you’ll need to accomplish. Checking your windows, installing security lights and an alarm system and swapping out your deadbolts are prudent steps for new homeowners to take.
The fact is that you have no idea how many keys your current set of deadbolt locks were made prior to your ownership of a home.

WP-Is your safe easy to access?

Most homeowners believe that their valuables, such as cash, important documents and jewelry, are safe within the safe confines of their home safe. However, as it turns out to be, not all safes are actually difficult to access, which is something not many of us believe before someone really breaks into it. Apart from that, a safe should not just be able to ward off any burglary attempts, but…

How To Erect A Wire Fence

Robert Frost was right when he said that good fences make good neighbors, however, more than anything else, their purpose is to keep in what you want kept in and to keep out what you want to keep out. Therefore it stands to reason that from time to time you will need to put up a fence.
 Your fence can be temporary or permanent, a perimeter fence to demarcate an area, an agricultural fence to…

Secure Storage for Important Documents

One of the most important things any business can do, is keep their internal documents safe. There are just some documents that can’t be put at risk of being stolen. These things include, but are not limited to: future plans, meeting minutes and conversations, blueprints, future policy changes, legal documents, insurance documents, legal documents, and more. There are several things your…

Save Your Possessions with Home Safes & Vaults

Most of us fear losing our possessions that hold either cash or sentimental value. The leading causes might be burglary or fire but there are smaller reasons like misplacing them or forgetting where they were kept. It could also be your toddler who suddenly decides your property deed is her drawing paper. Importance should be given to preserving what’s needed to save for future. Banks hav…

Experienced Staff of Seattle Locksmith

These days, you will find every second person is looking for a professional locksmith, who can change the locks of his door and car. Do you know why? There can be many reasons behind this but the major reason is the awareness. Now people know that crime rate has increased a lot in last couple of years and the best way to avoid any safety hassle, is to install high security lock systems.

Is it Possible to Have Bedroom Doors that Lock From the Outside?

Yes, it is possible to have a lock installed on a bedroom door that can lock from the outside. While this isn’t exactly common in North American homes or apartments, it’s quite common in countries where people live in houses, flats, or apartments with roommates. While we all like to think that the non-family members that we live with are trustworthy, there are some people who will tak…

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