How Much Does a Locksmith Make?

Before diving headfirst into a locksmithing career, you probably should find out how much a locksmith makes.  While locksmiths will always be in demand because people will always need security systems for their homes, business, automobiles and valuables, the truth is that a person will never become a billionaire with a locksmith shop.  However, a locksmith can earn a comfortable living. …

Locksmith Schools

 There are a few ways that you can become a professional locksmith: you can take an online course, you can become an apprentice to a master locksmith and learn on the job, or you can fast-track your career and go to a locksmith school.
 Locksmiths will always be needed in society; from the beginning of civilization to far into the future, people will always needs locks on their doors for…

Looking for a Viable Career? Become a Locksmith!

With the economic downturn wreaking havoc on so many lives, there are many people who are thinking of changing careers in order to find long-term employment. Because of the rapid pace of technology, many of the jobs people have trained for in the past have become obsolete, so before deciding on any career path and additional training or education, a person should investigate if their potentia…

Which Door Lock Systems Can Be Controlled with a Smart Phone?

Is it surprising that smart phones, with all their capabilities, could one day replace the humble house key? Imagine never again worrying whether you remembered to
lock up, or never having to “hide” a key under the mat. All your home security needs, in fact, can potentially be controlled and monitored through your smart phone: locks, cameras, and alarms. The wide range of abilities among…

Home Security Improvement

Securing your doors is the most crucial part of securing your home. If your doors do not already have deadbolts, ensure they are installed immediately by a professional and qualified locksmith. Also, a door that has too much of a gap between the door itself and the door frame is almost like an invitation for a thief to try and pry the door open or take it off the hinges.
If you happen to hav…

The Best Way to Prevent a Break-in? Secure Your Doors

Statistics show that break-ins and home invasions can happen anywhere; high-crime areas and “good” neighborhoods can experience burglaries. Most burglaries occur in areas where people least expect them; this can be seen in the fact that most break-ins take place in homes where the front and back doors are made of inappropriate materials and are left unlocked.
Therefore, one of the most…

Infographic on safes brought to you by Long Island Locksmith

Infographic on safes

Know the Right Places for Your Vault
Buying and maintaining a vault for your home is no longer new today. This idea has been bought by many people considering the larceny thefts and burglaries that are happening almost day after day everywhere in United States. If you are going to buy a vault, the quality and the locks that it has are not the sole consideration that you must give your attention.

Automotive Locksmith

Top Reasons to Hire Automotive Locksmiths
When you experience problems with the locks or ignition of your car, you may be tempted to bring it to the dealership or to a local repair shop. Whether you’re locked out of your car or broke the key off in the ignition, you won’t be able to drive it. To get it where it needs to go, you’ll have to pay someone to tow it. Right off the bat, you’ll have to…

Locksmith in Long Island NY

Finding a Locksmith in Long Island NY
Locks are integral for safety and security. On Long Island, New York, people use locks to protect their possessions, their property and themselves. While most people may appreciate the value of a functioning lock, very few understand the intricacies of a good lock. This is why people rely on locksmiths.
Locksmiths are skilled at making, installing and…

City Locksmith

How to Find a City Locksmith when You Need One

One of the perks of living in a large city is that it’s easy to find a locksmith at any time of the day or night. However, that doesn’t mean that you should call one at random. Many city locksmiths are happy to do the bare minimum for their customers. Why give your business to a locksmith who doesn’t want to go the distance for you? A…

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