How Much Does a Locksmith Make?

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Before diving headfirst into a locksmithing career, you probably should find out how much a locksmith makes.  While locksmiths will always be in demand because people will always need security systems for their homes, business, automobiles and valuables, the truth is that a person will never become a billionaire with a locksmith shop.  However, a locksmith can earn a comfortable living.  Here’s a look at an average locksmith salary.

 In July of 2010, the PayScale website stated that the average hourly pay for a Flushing locksmith or locksmith anywhere in the country starts at about $12.48 and can go as high as $20.61.  Overtime pay starts around $18.43 per hour and goes up to $32.70 per hour.

 The average yearly salary including bonuses for a Flushing locksmith starts at $27,220; also included in the salary are profit-sharing and commissions.  The Flushing average is the same as that for the entire country.  The average top-end salary is around $46,017.

 As with many other jobs and trades, the more experience a person has, the higher the salary will be.  Someone starting out can expect something between $24,826 and $38,413.  People with over twenty years experience can earn up to $58,717 per year.

 The state that offers the highest salary is California, where an experienced locksmith with twenty years under his or her belt will earn over $58,000 per year.  The state that offers the lowest yearly salary for a locksmith with the same amount of experience is Pennsylvania, where the pay is $38,400.

 Industries that employ locksmiths include hospitals, state governments, and schools.  These locksmiths can earn up to $47,600 per year if employed in these industries.

 If you’re looking for job security, then you may want to work for a school or hospital; however, if you like to be your own boss and don’t mind possible “feast or famine” work cycles, then you may want to consider opening your own small business.  If you are good at what you do and have a pleasant demeanor with your clients, chances are you’ll see your business grow and you’ll be able to earn a very good living.

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