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Infographic on safes

Know the Right Places for Your Vault

Buying and maintaining a vault for your home is no longer new today. This idea has been bought by many people considering the larceny thefts and burglaries that are happening almost day after day everywhere in United States. If you are going to buy a vault, the quality and the locks that it has are not the sole consideration that you must give your attention. You also need to know the right place for you place or permanently install your vault.
Here are the top 4 places where you can have your vault:

  1.  Walls
  2.  Floors
  3.  Basement
  4.  Garage

These places are the best choices that you could consider if you want your vault to be hidden properly from people who are interested on getting your valuables. In the walls and in the floor, yes, this is possible. During the construction of your house, you can ask your contractor to make the vault built-in in the walls or in the floor. Through this the vault will be permanently installed preventing anyone to easily take it away along with your important items and money.

The basement and the garage are also advisable to be used as location for your vault. The garage has all the scraps and unnecessary items thus thefts would care less about this area. This will never have an idea that you are keeping your vault in your garage. Aside from the garage, the basement is also a good place for you to install your safe. The basement is usually a hidden place in most houses. It is not easy to locate, especially if the people are new to your house. If you will have your vault there, you can double the protection for your money and valuables kept inside the sturdy rectangular storage that you have.

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Infographic on safes Long Island

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