Is it Possible to Have Bedroom Doors that Lock From the Outside?

Bedroom Door Locks in Long Island

Yes, it is possible to have a lock installed on a bedroom door that can lock from the outside. While this isn’t exactly common in North American homes or apartments, it’s quite common in countries where people live in houses, flats, or apartments with roommates. While we all like to think that the non-family members that we live with are trustworthy, there are some people who will take advantage of their house mates or room-mates. So, if you’re concerned about your privacy and don’t want people walking into your bedroom when you’re sharing a residence, seriously consider getting a lock installed.

 As mentioned above, in Finland, it is common for bedroom doors to have deadbolt locks on them. When residents are at home in their rooms, the doors are usually open, but when they leave the apartment for the day, the bedroom gets locked; in this way, a dishonest room-mate or a visitor cannot steal valuable belongings like a laptop computer, smartphone, or jewelry. Thefts of these items are quite rare, precisely because the bedroom doors are lockable from the outside.

 So, in Canada and the United States, it is entirely possible to get a lock installed on your bedroom door to prevent roommates from going in when you’re not home. Before you get any type of lock installed, talk with your landlord first and ask permission. What will happen in most cases is that you will be allowed to install a deadlock, but you will not be allowed to change the fixtures. This is a job a professional locksmith will be able to do quickly and easily.

 If you’re in the Yonkers area, make sure you specifically call a Yonkers locksmith; don’t call a generic sounding company because they may be scam artists! Ask the Yonkers locksmith or the local locksmith you’ve found what sort of outside lock will work in accordance with your landlord’s wishes, and before the locksmith starts to work, don’t forget to agree on a price.

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