Save Your Possessions with Home Safes & Vaults

Home Safes & Vaults in Long Island

Most of us fear losing our possessions that hold either cash or sentimental value. The leading causes might be burglary or fire but there are smaller reasons like misplacing them or forgetting where they were kept. It could also be your toddler who suddenly decides your property deed is her drawing paper. Importance should be given to preserving what’s needed to save for future. Banks have excellent vault facilities where cash and jewelry can be kept but maintain a vault is expensive and they often have limited capacity. Having home safes & vaults is the next best solution to secure valuable items.

For starters, home safes must be kept at a location that is far from visibility. The information of a home safe should be shared only on a need-to-know basis. It has been seen that many homeowner brag about their digital safes with cool features with other people over drinks. That is a strict no-no due to security issues. An unfortunate fact is that burglars can belong to or draw information from your close circle.

During construction of a bank, the vault room is the first to be designed and erected. Eventually, the whole bank is built around it. Similarly, if you have a new home under construction, contact a Licensed Locksmith to work with your contractor towards building a strong floor safe in the structure. You might not have a lot of valuables to save today, but who knows about future?

Types Of Home Safes & Vaults

Fire Resistant Safes

When fire strikes, nothing can stop it, not even the latest security measures. The best you can do is increase the longevity of possessions in a safe till help arrives. Fireproof safes can resist extreme temperature outside for a stipulated time while keeping the internal contents at a constant temperature that is well below their burning point. The point to note is that all fireproof safes are custom built according to the material they’re supposed to contain. Paper documents can’t be clubbed with digital tapes or micro films as they burn at different temperatures. Also, do not forget the home fire resistant safes can only save the valuables for 15 minutes- 60 minutes at the maximum, so calculate the distance of your local fire house from home before purchasing.

Gun Safes

With rising gun crimes worldwide, it is critical to store the firearms out of reach from anyone but the owner. People often think the kids might misuse available firearms, but adults take more advantage of a sudden available gun, as history would support. A good gun safe will have a 12 gauge body with strong deadbolts that are a prerequisite for storage this important. In US, the best way to ensure a gun safe is up to the standard is buying an Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified safe. If you have a gun closet, consider buying vault door with mechanical lock and solid steel frame.

Burglar Resistant Safes

Most families invest in burglar resistant safes right after buying a house. If your neighborhood has faced one or two burglary attempts, it is probably best to buy one. UL certifies burglar resistant safes after a painstaking exercise of damage testing. The safes are put through multiple assaults by the smallest to the largest and most sophisticated burglary tools available in the market. Only when they pass the test, they’re certified to be burglar resistant. Like fireproof safes, these also have time resistance attached that can from 15-60 minutes.

Home Safes & Vaults can give your possessions a second chance to survive a disaster. But remember, effective planning with a locksmith is required during installation for an optimum utilization.

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