Secure Storage for Important Documents

Secure Storage in Long Island

One of the most important things any business can do, is keep their internal documents safe. There are just some documents that can’t be put at risk of being stolen. These things include, but are not limited to: future plans, meeting minutes and conversations, blueprints, future policy changes, legal documents, insurance documents, legal documents, and more. There are several things your business should do to keep these documents secure.

Keep Documents Locked Up

This is obviously the number one way of keeping documents safe. There are many different forms of secure storage you can use. The most popular of these is the safe, since it is small, relatively cheap, and can be concealed. There are also options for larger document storage like metal office lockers. These are large cabinets that have locks on the outside. Metal office lockers, unlike small safes offer you the ability to store boxed documents, binders, and larger documents like blueprints in a secure environment. The downside to these is that they are large and can’t be concealed as easily as within a safe.

The one thing that all of these secure storage options have in common is that they are locked. Sometimes this is with a combination, sometimes with a key. If you find yourself in a situation where you are without one of those two things, you should seek assistance from a Quality Locksmith.

Restrict Access to Locked Areas

Besides locking your documents up in a secure storage device like metal office lockers, you should also restrict the number of people who have access to that device. The more people who have access to the documents, the less secure the setup. Vet your people well. Only entrust access to people that you have the most confidence in, and can trust with the documents. Everyone else should have to request a document from a trusted source instead of being given access to the entire storage system.

Keep Logs of Entry

If you have more than a couple people who have access to the storage area, you should keep logs of everything that goes in and out of the storage device. This should include the name of the document, the person signing out the document, and the time and date of the removal or addition. This will help you in the event that a document comes up missing or has been leaked to competitors. It can also help you discover where a certain document is at any given time. That way if you need to check on a document’s safety, you can do so without instituting a company-wide search.


Keeping your documents secure is one of the most important things your business can do. Documents that get lost, stolen or leaked can cause irreparable harm to your business. You should take every step possible to ensure that the documents that are most important to your financial success and security are kept in a place where they aren’t easily accessible by those who would want to see harm come to your company.

Secure storage systems are often a one time expense. Like insurance, you don’t see the benefits of the system until the worst happens. By instituting safe document storage at your company you can ensure that your documents remain safe.

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