Should You Change Out The Deadbolts In Your New House?

Change Deadbolt in Long Island

When you purchase a new home, securing your property is one of the most important tasks you’ll need to accomplish. Checking your windows, installing security lights and an alarm system and swapping out your deadbolts are prudent steps for new homeowners to take.

The fact is that you have no idea how many keys your current set of deadbolt locks were made prior to your ownership of a home. Spare keys, neighbor keys, keys for ex-boyfriends and girlfriends, etc. may all be floating around out there. The more unsecured keys you have to your home, the greater your risk of home invasion or burglary. Changing your locks reduces this risk.

Deadbolt locks are typically used to complement traditional spring locks for residences. Used together, these two locks can provide a solid deterrent to most burglars and others who try to illegally enter your home. Unlike spring bolts, dead locks can only be unlocked by rotating the lock’s cylinder. Spring bolt locks can be forced by applying pressure to the bolt. Dead locks can’t.

When swapping out the locks on your home, you typically have two options. You can either have the locks rekeyed, or you can change out the locks entirely.

Rekeying deadbolts involves changing the pins in the lock cylinder so they function with a new key, but no longer function with old keys. This option may be less expensive than purchasing new locks, and allows you to retain locks that you find aesthetically pleasing.

If your current locks are damaged or don’t function well because of age, you may want to change them out entirely, installing new locks. This will also be helpful if you want to exchange a double cylinder deadbolt for a single cylinder or push button lock or vice versa. Double cylinder deadbolt locks require use of a key on either side of the lock, while single cylinder locks require a key at one end and lock by means of a turning knob or push button at the other.

Changing your locks is also advisable if you wish to create a new look for your door, as there are many models and styles of locks. Homeowners seeking a classic look for their homes can choose ornate, highly decorative locks, while homeowners desiring a more rustic or modern look also have many excellent options.

It may also be advisable to change your locks every few years to ensure your home’s security, and to make sure you have functional, easy-to-turn locks. You may also want to change locks should you go through a divorce or have roommates move out of your home on bad terms.

When rekeying or changing your locks, you’ll want to engage a Professional Locksmith in Staten Island to handle the job. Professional locksmiths have the skills and training to properly install deadbolts, ensuring that they are securely inserted in the door and that they lock and unlock properly. When choosing a local locksmith, be sure to find one that has an excellent local business reputation and that can answer all your questions about home security.

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