Who Really Needs A Copy Of Your House Key?

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In an ideal world no one other than you would need a copy of your house key. Unfortunately this is not an ideal world; this is a world in which you can get locked out of your home unexpectedly. You may have domestic staff that arrive and leave your home when you are not there, or you may have children that leave for school after you leave the house and get back home before you get home in the evening. Suddenly the need for multiple copies of your house key becomes a necessity.

However, with multiple keys in circulation also comes the risk of having a breach in your home’s security. Staff come and go and children can be careless; ultimately you have to ask yourself the question, “who really has copies of my house key?

An important factor to bear in mind is that the more keys for your home that you have in circulation, the greater the risk of a security breech. All it takes is for one of those keys to fall into the wrong hands and you could arrive home to find your house empty.

Under these circumstances changing out locks should be a regular item on your household’s security to-do list.

When Should I Change Out My Locks?

Considering that several people may have a copy of your house key, it is important to keep track of each copy. The responsibility is yours, and if someone entrusted with your house key looses it, the burden of changing out locks becomes yours, not theirs.

If you discover that a key has been lost, or you foresee a possible security breech, then it is important to change the lock in question immediately. It might also be time to upgrade your locks and get a better lock than the one that you had previously.

This however, can prove to be both costly and problematic because you will have to replace not only the lock, but also have extra keys made.

Cell Phone Locks

A viable way to upgrade your locks is to install cell phone locks on your door, or even on multiple doors. You don’t have to change your locks and you can install the cell phone locks over your existing locks.

Cell phone locks are very convenient because they allow you to check on and lock and unlock your doors remotely; from anywhere in the world where there is cell phone reception.

This option allows you to limit the amount of people who have keys to your home, and if they require access into your house, they can simply call you and you can open the door for them remotely and also lock it once they have left.

Another benefit is that you can check to see if your kids have locked the door when they left for school. Cell phone locks put the security of your home firmly in your hands and limits the number of people who need to have copies of your house keys.

Get Advice From A Professional

Keeping your home secure is of paramount importance and knowing who has access to your keys is vital. Don’t wait for a crisis to happen before you start changing out locks. Be prepared by checking with your local locksmith about the best options for your home’s security; he is not only an expert when it comes to lock changes, he also has the best and most up to date information to help you decide on the best course of action to suit your needs.

Who really needs a copy of your house key? With modern technology the answer is – only you.If you need a professional call your local Locksmith in Yonkers.

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