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Most homeowners believe that their valuables, such as cash, important documents and jewelry, are safe within the safe confines of their home safe. However, as it turns out to be, not all safes are actually difficult to access, which is something not many of us believe before someone really breaks into it. Apart from that, a safe should not just be able to ward off any burglary attempts, but should also be resistant to fire, water damage and metal fatigue, which all cause the safe to lose its integrity and strength. Considering all this, it becomes essential to make sure that your home safe is safe enough for all your valuable belongings.

However, on most occasions, homeowners don’t really try to review the home safe, neither do they know much about the things inside a safe that make it a really secure compartment. So, it’s but natural and sensible for homeowners to be very sure about factors, such as the integrated locking mechanism, weight, fire rating and the size of the home safe, which they’re planning to buy. Moreover, since home safes vary in protection and quality, we certainly need to be conversant with features to look for in a home safe. Things demand more attention than otherwise when you are unsure about the accessibility of your safe, such as its position, safe opening etc. Here are some factors that you need to keep in your mind when buying a home safe:

Home safe – The checkpoints?

Well, you could have a dozen of explanations for the same. Things you want to store in your home safe may include valuable stuff, such as your documents, jewelry items, cash, etc. Accordingly, the safe you are planning to buy should be tamper-resistant and should be able to withstand fire and flooding. Moreover, ask the seller about the temperature-resistance level and the duration your safe can handle the rated degree of heat. Similarly, you should read the product labeling to ascertain a safe’s ability to resist flooding. Also ensure that you ask the seller to suggest a product with safe opening that’s easy-to-use yet fully secure.

Lock type denotes the level of security

You can buy safes with a variety of locks such as a combination lock, where the combination is the passwords, or you can also opt for a safe with a more traditional lock with keys. As a rule, you will find sellers asking you to buy a safe with traditional locks, especially if it is a lighter one. Alternatively, if you wish to purchase a heavy-duty one, you can get it appended with a combination lock. If you want both, you may have a home safe having both of these features. Nevertheless, you should always consider the ease of access, which further means safe opening, lest you forget the exact combination code.

Size does matter

As it is applicable to so many things, size does matter when it comes to choosing the right safe for your home. The ideal size of a safe is directly proportional to the number or size of things you plan to store in it. While a larger safe allows you to store more items, a smaller one would be more compact and hence, won’t need more space for installation. The same criterion is applicable for the weight of a home safe. A lighter safe will always be cheaper than a heavier one since less steel is needed to build it. However, a lighter safe might not always be effective against flooding and fire.

Right installation

The final thing you should keep in your mind is the location of the safe. A fixed installation might actually better than a mobile unit, as during the installation process the installer might reinforce the area where the installation is being made to even strengthen the safe.A Qualified Locksmith can help you install it safely. Moreover, to make your safe even stronger, you can easily cover it up with decorative items and camouflage the safe.

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